Dr. Khulusi has been available at all times

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| March, 18 2018 | for Nami Khulusi, MD

I have been a member of MDVIP and a patient of Dr. Khulusi for a little over six months, and simply could not be happier. Joining Dr. Khulusis practice is quite literally one of the best moves Ive ever made.

In that time Ive come to realize that when something potentially serious and scary comes up (and they have) the stress that was inherent in the old PCP model is a thing of the past. Whereas I used to worry about getting the attention I needed, I now take comfort in the fact that the doctor and his staff are there, available, and ready to take charge of my care.

Dr. Khulusi has been available at all times, and sees me quickly when the need arises. He takes charge of the situation and sets us on a course of action to get me better. And as wonderful as that is, an added bonus is the easy, friendly, caring relationship that has developed not only with the doctor, but with his staff as well. There is no way to describe the peace of mind that this gives me as a patient.