Dr. Khulusi is the most caring, dedicated and respectful doctor.

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| July, 18 2017 | for Nami Khulusi, MD
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Even before MDVIP, Dr. Khulusi had given his undivided time and attention to every appointment. He never rushed my husband and me and always made us feel that our health was of paramount importance to him. Because he keeps up with all new medical information, he will change medications if a more effective one becomes available. Recently, when I was being treated for broncitus, he called on the weekend to see if there was any improvement and increased the medication when he felt my cough and wheezing were not getting better in a timely manner. Recently, my son-in-law had a serious accident and I mentioned it to Dr. Khulusi during a visit. He asked questions about his care and expressed concern. Days later, on a Sunday afternoon, he called to see how he was doing. Dr. Khulusi is the most caring, dedicated and respectful doctor I have ever encountered and we are grateful to have him as our physican.