Dr Kopeckey is an excellent, caring doctor & Cardiologist.

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| March, 7 2018 | for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Dr. Kopeckey has been my doctor for over thirty years. When he joined the MDVIP group, I did not stay with him due to the distance I had to drive, plus my medical ins. is free, so could not see paying to go that distance. I was very upset that I had to stop seeing him, but he understood. I was not happy with the other doctors I was seeing, so I decided to pay to go back to Dr. Chris after approximately four years. He makes you feel better by just talking to you. I was only in his office twice after going back to him & he ordered a CT scan of my abdomen, which no other doctor did even though I would tell them I felt like I was PG. I did not mention it to Dr. Chris, but he picked up on it & the scan reviled I had External Primary Peritoneal Cancer. I would never have know this if it had not been for Dr. Kopeckey. I am now under treatment. Dr Kopeckey is an excellent, caring doctor & Cardiologist. A wonderful gentleman also. He cares for his patients as though they were family. Number one in Doctors in San Antonioi, TX.