Dr. Koval: You have been a blessing!

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| March, 18 2020 | for Gregg M. Koval, MD

We met Dr. Koval when we moved back to Atlanta in 2018. He took great interest in our care and needs, right from the start, many times going beyond what was ever expected. One of my concerns in moving back was that due to ongoing medical issues I needed the attention of several specialists, who were in Dallas, TX. Much to my surprise, while I was in Texas visiting them, Dr. Koval called me one night to make sure I was doing okay. I now have new specialists seeing me here in Atlanta. Change is not easy, but Dr. Koval has made it a great experience. His recommendations have been exactly what and who I needed. Several months ago, I had just a slight stomach ache and was told to come in. I was shocked to learn I needed an appendectomy. Thank goodness Dr. Koval is so thorough. In the last few months, my husband, Bob, had an issue come up that needed further investigation by a specialist. Again, Dr. Koval made the recommendations and initial phone call so Bob was seen shortly after. We feel so fortunate to be in Dr. Koval and his staff's care. Sarah (Sam) and Bob