Dr Krupitsky and his assistant Roxi are the only medical personel I completely and fully trust

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| March, 12 2020 | for Andrew E. Krupitsky, DO

I have been seeing Dr Krupitsky for many years and I can honestly say that if Dr Krupitsky retires prior to my moving on to bigger and better things I would not find another physician of his caliber. I appreciate the service that MDVIP provides and I seriously doubt this would ever happen but..... With all due respect to MDVIP, if Dr Krupitsky were ever to leave MDVIP I would follow. I am very proud to be a patient of his and Roxi. They make a great team and as I said the only ones I trust 100% He has helped me change a lot of my life's bad habits( still like my cigars though) Thank you to both of you.