Dr. Lazowick saved my mom's life

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| February, 26 2018 | for Daniel C. Lazowick, DO, FACP

Dr. Lazowick saved my mom's life after a knee replacement resulted in 6 months of hospital admissions and readmissions. We watched our mom deteriorate physically and mental status decline to the point where one of her attending doctors told us she may need to be admitted to an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Before her operation and prolonged hospitalization she had no psychiatric history. She suffered from change in mental status due to the stress of a knee replacement and subsequent emergency bowel surgery one week later. She spent many days in the icu. She was bounced between hospitalists whose main priority was to move her off of their patient list. Few believed me when I told them before her operation my mom was an independent woman who babysat my very young children, and who 2 years earlier had worked as a full time nurse anesthetist and nurse educator. I thought to myself that this is it for my mother, and my children would not know their grandmother who they loved so much. She retired and moved from Florida to Philadelphia to spend her retirement with them. It was almost taken away as she seemed to be victim of medicine in a stressed out, modern, teaching hospital. Even close family, many of whom are doctors or work in medicine, could help her. Finding Dr. Dan gave her/us our only chance. We had him to contact around the clock and didn't have to wait on hold for long periods of time, pleading with frustrated nurses/doctors for information. Dr. Dan was available around the clock and may have been helping us just as much as our mom. He reassured us that he was doing everything he could, and eventually she pulled through. I am grateful to our doctor and recommend him to anyone looking for quality care.