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| March, 13 2020 | for Jeffrey C. Lederman, DO, MPH

We have been patients of Dr. Lederman for over a decade, and when he invited us to join MDVIP, my husband did not hesitate; he was all in. It took me a year of frustrating doctor visits to realize how much I missed Dr. Lederman's care, patience and great partnership. I was used to having great service when making my appointments and did not realize that not every doctor practices the same way. Joining MDVIP was the best move; I have finally lowered my cholesterol; am eating better through the online healthy eating plan; have a lot more energy because he asked me simple, straight forward questions about my fitness plan without judgement, which was very important to me. So, I actually increased my trips to the gym. I still love to eat, so it's not like suddenly, I lost a lot of weight and started to exercise like a crazy woman, but I lost 10 lbs, gained more energy through muscle building, and feel so much better. Being healthier far outweighs the cost of the practice. All is well with the good Dr. Lederman!