Dr. Leslie Murphy is more than my doctor....she is my friend!

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| March, 16 2020 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Dr. Murphy is an excellent doctor, pro-active with her care, and always up-to-the minute on healthcare and medicine. I have been with Dr. Murphy since she began with MDVIP and though her care prior to that was great, MDVIP has allowed her to be the doctor she wanted to be, taking the time she wanted to take with patients, giving them as much time and care as she feels they need. I know when I call her or go in for an appointment, she spends as much time as she feels is needed to take care of me, answering my questions and making sure I am satisfied when I leave her office. In addition to being my doctor, she is my friend, always taking care of me, listening, and being sensitive to what I am going through with medical issues or my life, which as we all know can play a part in your health. I have felt her sensitivity over the last few years in dealing with a husband with ALZ and PPA and the his dealth last February, followed by the death of my mother in May, and my dad falling in June and breaking his hip, resulting in a move from his facility in FL to a facility in IL. Her understanding and help in dealing with my grief, stress and anxiety were so special. I know I can call her anytime and that I will get her undivided attention and excellent care. She is truly a doctor I can count on in every way.