Dr Lisa: A caring physician who makes an indeliable impact on her patient's lives

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| March, 11 2024 | for Lisa A. Sardanopoli, MD
Image provided by: Kathy

When I first met Dr Lisa I was impressed by her quick intelligence, empathy and deep medical knowledge. She treats patients expertly & wholistically without judgement. Her recommended network of healthcare partners have been first-rate just like Dr. Lisa. She gives me tough love when I'm not being compliant with my preventative care, but she's also quick to understand extenuating circumstances.

I was both a new patient & the first person who enrolled in her MDVIP practice, a decision I am grateful for everyday. Dr. Lisa accepted my husband as her patient, and he has complex medical conditions. She helped me help myself through a difficult time when my husband needed to accept, treat and become a recovering alcoholic. Through Dr Lisa I got the support I needed to help my husband's recovery without drowning in the situation.

This year we are joyously celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary (see celebration photo).