Dr. Lovelady is my hero.

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| April, 12 2018 | for Steve Lovelady, MD

A couple months ago lump was found in my breast. I had all the required test and the doctor told me at my age it did not look good. Of course I was devastated. I feared the worse. I would be three days before I got my results. Three days ran into the weekend. On Monday I thought to email Dr. Lovelady and I was to hear my results on Tuesday. I emailed Dr. Lovelady and ask him to review the results of my test. Early Tuesday he called me back after reviewing the test, He call and I was afraid to answer thinking that his speedy response meant the worst. When I got up the nerves and calling all the support I had to be there for me. Dr. Lovelady left me a very pleasant message stating that he had looked at the test results and he told me that there was nothing to worry about. I immediately felt relieved. Thinking then that I should have called Dr. Lovelady sooner and it would have spared me all the tears and worry. Dr. Lovelady is my hero. I have several medical problems and he has always show me compassion and concerned about my over all health. He is very attentive and explains very clearly what my results show and how to prevent further damage to my due to my conditions. I highly recommend him to all family and friends.