Dr. Mancini is a Friend and Takes Care of My Health

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| March, 30 2023 | for J. Daniel Mancini, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Mancini for about 20 years now and he has always taken the time to speak to me in way that I can understand and has always been very supportive in my health and well being. He has always been there for me when I needed him whether at home or on vacation. He is thorough and always is on my side, wanting the best for me. When I was overweight he finally got through my thick head and I lost 70 lbs and got off my high blood pressure medication. I was doing great until in late 2021, I had multiple heart attacks, was on the transplant list and finally got bypass surgery and did recover to an extent. I got an ICD pacemaker defibrillator and have now continued to recover from my debilitating episodes. Dr. Mancini has been with me through it all and continues to watch over me and my health. I could not Thank him enough about all that he has and continues to do through my still being here. He is an incredible doctor and I am so glad that I am his patient. Thank you Dr. Mancini!