Dr. Maple Saved My Life

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Mary Denise
| March, 11 2020 | for Philip J. Maple, MD

Last summer I suffered extreme abdominal pain while I was in Maine. After going immediately to the ER, which resulted in no diagnosis, I called Dr. Maple. He communicated with me every day for several days. With the pain becoming more and more intolerable, and several trips to the ER in vain, I made the decision to return to Texas. Dr. Maple ordered the appropriate testing and with the results, referred me to a surgeon. My gall bladder was inflamed and stones were lodged in the duct. After complications with the surgery, I was referred to the Methodist Transplant Hospital in San Antonio. I needed a procedure that would be performed by an expert liver surgeon. My issues were soon resolved. I credit Dr. Maple with saving my life. His constant communication and immediate action guided me through this crisis. I trust Dr. Mae with my total health. His excellent knowledge, judgement and concern have earned my total trust and appreciation. Thank you Dr. Maple!