Dr. Merrit Dunlap, truly a great physician with concern for his patients, an aspect rarely seen in todays hurry up world

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| March, 13 2020 | for Merritt W. Dunlap, MD

My story about my physician, Dr. Dunlap is not about life endangering circumstances. It concerns a physician with great relationship skills with his patients and a true sense of caring with a great, "bedside manner". I am a 'run of the mill' 66 year old male. The work in my life has left me with health issues uncommon to most everyday workers. With these issues has come the need for my physician to be patient and understanding, carefully listening to the legitimate concerns I have about my health. Dr. Dunlap, has always fulfilled these qualities and I would like to think we share a friendly though professional relationship. Due to what is deemed an 'extreme' case of neuropathy as a result of successful chemotherapy by a previous physician in an effort to spare my life, it did come with some painful issues. Unfortunately, morphine sulfate is the only prescription that tones down my pain. Though we have discussed and tried other options, Dr. Dunlap and I realize that morphine sulfate is the only solution. With the opioid crisis in the US, limitations for those who truly need the drug has been hindered by abusers. Dr. Dunlap has been there to be certain that my pain medication is provided with a strict eye on the legalities involved and new trials or drugs which may replace my regimen. My annual physicals with this man are great. Overall he is very concerned, despite my health issues I manage to keep myself healthy within the medical guidelines, leaving my good doctor in an attempt to find any health issue I may have overlooked. Usually a Q/A ensues with no health complaints on my part, though a bit of satisfied concern on Dr. Dunlap's face. It is an annual ritual that I and my caregiver enjoy, especially at the end of the examination when he tells me, "just keep doing what you have been, and you'll be fine". He is a very good physician with an attentive nature sorely missed in todays medical field. To this, I conclude that a physician with a trusting, obedient patient, is the major part of good health, though a professional, experienced staff round out the medical experience to make it successful. Kudos and accolades to his staff who have answered my calls of concern, arranged appointments according to my urgent care as necessary. From insurance to prescription issues and vaccinations, the staff are outstanding, reflecting well on themselves and the physician's practice. A polished gem in a world of rough cuts.