Dr Metzger. You are the BEST!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Charles E. Metzger Jr., MD

I have so much to say!! Dr Metzger patiently and professionally attends to each and every visit. Never hurried, Dr, Metzger explains all blood results and any other information. I have emailed Dr Metzger on a few occasions and got an immediate response. No problem is too small. I had taken my grandson on an airboat ride. Upon returning home, I noticed a n inflamed area on my ankle that appeared to be a bad bug bite. I thought I was bitten by some horrible bug in the Everglades and was in immediate danger. I phoned Dr Metzger’s office and was seen right away. Dr Metzger examined the area on my ankle and informed me it was an infected hair follicle! I have one other thing to add. One Sunday morning I awoke to severe nausea. I was dizzy and weak. I went to Boca Regional walk in clinic. They thought it was a serious matter with my intestine and sent me to Boca Raton Regional Hospital. I phoned Dr Metzger on the way over and told him. I was admitted to the hospital where the intestinal issue cleared up on its own but I was informed I needed Hernia surgery. Dr Metzger came to the hospital a few times to check up on me and to make sure I was receiving my daily meds. My experience with Dr Metzger and his wonderful staff has been fantastic during these seven years I would recommend a MDVIP physician very much and of course Dr Metzger specifically.