Dr Meyers is an amazing physician and person

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Cathey jo
| March, 23 2023 | for Jeffery Meyers, MD, FACP
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Dr Meyers takes time to just sit and talk to me. Before each exam he wants to know what is going on in my life Am I stressed, happy,at peace,my frustrations and any concerns. He treat the whole of us not just the body. No matter when I call even if out of town he calls back. I was in the Boston airport waiting for my plane to come home to Detroit and I was sick and had a horrible urinary track infection. I called the office but he was on his way to the airport in Detroit. He called me from his car told him what the problem was and he called in a prescription that would be ready when I got home. No matter if he is away on business or a vacation he makes himself available. I have many physical challenges from a car accident and almost lost my life. I feel so safe with Dr Meyers. He has sent me as well to amazing other physicians as needed. I am very blessed and grateful that he is part of my life. Thank you Dr Meyers for being such an amazing physician snd kind and caring person. You are a blessing.