Dr. Miki who genuinely cares for her patients.

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| March, 2 2018 | for Kinue I. Miki, MD

I have known Dr. Miki for some time now since she was my Mother's PCP for several years. During those visits to her office with my Mother, I noticed how kind and gracious she was to my Mother and noticed that a lot of her patients were seniors although occasionally I saw the younger generation. Now that I am in my winter years, I retained Dr. Miki as my PCP and I'm so happy to say that I have made a wise choice. She is so accommodating even during the weekends, holidays, late night calls, etc. I like the fact that if I need a doctor right away, I can count on her wise advice. It is a very rewarding and peace of mind experience knowing that there is someone like Dr. Miki who genuinely cares for her patients. I wish her the best and sincerely hope she will be practicing for the rest of my lifetime and not take an early retirement. Thank you, Dr. Miki!