Dr. Mikos of Roswell GA - a role model for 21st century primary practice

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| January, 17 2024 | for Stephen Mikos, MD

In 1998, my employer (Microsoft) relocated my family and me to Atlanta GA. After finding our 8 year old son a great pediatrician, we asked her advice on the best PCP in our area; we then had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Mikos and have never even considered anyone else over the 25+ years since then. Dr. Mikos is very comfortable explaining the highly technical testing we undergo annually in layperson’s terms. At the same time, he is the kind of doctor with whom a patient can discuss all the physical and mental challenges that our 21st century lives contain. We consider him more than just our doctor - we consider him an irreplaceable family advisor.
Thanks for the opportunity to say how we feel!
Ellyn Foltz (and my husband Paul would agree)