Dr. Mikos: You are the best and can't thank you enough!

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| March, 17 2020 | for Stephen Mikos, MD

Dr. Mikos is held in high regard by my family, and I am eternally grateful and happy to have found him.

We relocated to Atlanta over 20 years ago. My husband needed to see a doctor but he insisted that I find one to use myself first and then he would go - which was not unusual for him. I was very impressed and pleased with Dr. Mikos as I found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and caring so I then made an appointment for my husband. Dr. Mikos also impressed my husband for the same reasons, plus the fact that Dr. Mikos really listened to him without hurrying him. Dr. Mikos has always taken great care of us, and referred us to specialists when necessary. Over the years he has referred us to several wonderful specialists. He helped setting up appointments and always followed up with us. These referrals were blessings, and made our lives much better physically and mentally. I know he is always there for me. He even took the time to talk with my son when he was trying to decide on medical school and his future.

I've continued with Dr. Mikos over the years and would recommend him highly to any and everyone. He is extremely thorough with all the tests and physicals. He then takes the time to sit down with you and give you complete and clear explanations of all the results. He never seems to mind all my many questions, and answers them all cheerfully. Besides being my special doctor, I feel he is also my friend who takes great care of me.