Dr Ned Legare the Life Saver

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| March, 10 2020 | for Edward J. Legare, MD, FACP
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It was November of 1997. I was complaining about discomfort in my chest and Dr Legare ordered a stress test. Nothing showed up that was alarming, but I continued to experience mild shortness of breath and slight discomfort. Unsatisfied with continued standard tests results, Dr Legare ordered a cardio-cath where it was determined that my left main artery was close to 90% blocked. Apparently, the previous test results we’re false negative. In part, because of an active, athletic and non-smoking lifestyle, the smaller arteries in my heart were doing a sufficient enough job to keep me alive. Still, I continued to experience symptoms of cardiac pain. Had it not been for Dr Legare’s persistence and thoroughness, I wouldn’t be here today, 22 years later. After a 4 way by-pass operation in ‘97 and since then, 3 stents inserted in my heart, I’m still here, having the good fortune to be with my bride for 50 years, the father of two successful sons, and the “Papa” of three beautiful grandkids. This is all not to minimize the good doctor’s bedside, comforting manner and friendly personality. When it comes to professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and that friendly comforting attitude, Dr Edward J “Ned” Legare, is the best primary care doctor there is in my book.