Dr Obermeyer

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| May, 8 2021 | for P. Mae Obermeyer, MD

I’ve never been one to come to the doctor on a consistent basis, only when something was wrong. My mindset completely changed when I met Dr. Obermeyer. She is so smart, yet never made me feel insecure for asking questions when I didn’t understand what lab values or radiology reports meant. She explained things to me in a manner that I could understand and listened to me and addressed my concerns without me feeling rushed. I actually became more interested in coming to the doctor to stay healthy verses coming to the doctor to fix a problem. I learned the value of preventative care. I would not think twice about trusting her to treat any disease process or acute illness. Dr Obermeyer has changed the way I view healthcare as a whole. My family and I feel so blessed and grateful to have been introduced to Dr Obermeyer.