Dr Peimer

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| March, 19 2024 | for Michael Peimer, MD

About seven months ago, I had my first encounter with Dr.Peimer. My first impression was of his demeanor, welcoming, interested in a new patient, and having a gentle smile. He is quite different from any physician I have encountered. He is genuinely interested in what may be either distressing or funny. As time has gone by, about seven months now, I have learned to trust him and welcome his suggestions. Period. This time goes by I look forward to being able to give a look and assessment of my times spent with him. In summery, I am grateful that I found Dr. Peimer and thought he has been able to help me as much as he has. I’m looking forward to these coming years with him II realize that he wants to know what his patients may be cocerned with. Dr. Peimer is very clear about what medication‘s he suggests for you and why they would be of help. He also laughs easily and likes to meet family members. Despite the fact that I have not been with Dr. Peimer for a very long time ,I have complete trust in him. Some of his diagnoses have not been easy, but I have complete confidence in him, and his ability to lead me down the best possible path to stay healthy. I do look forward to my visits with him.