Dr. Pfundstein is wonderful!

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| March, 25 2020 | for Joann Pfundstein, MD, FACP

Last summer my husband and I were in Amsterdam getting ready to go on a riverboat cruise. As we were walking to the boat, I fell and injured my wrist. I spent the evening in the emergency room. The doctor said I would need to fly home immediately and have surgery. Thank goodness for Dr Pfundstein. I called her and she said she’d find an orthopedic surgeon to see me as soon as I returned home. I can’t imagine what I would have done or how long I would have had to wait to see a surgeon if I hadn’t had MD VIP and Dr. Pfundstein. Before we even left Amsterdam she had made an appointment for me to see an orthopedic surgeon the first business day after my return. And the surgeon was excellent!! I will forever be grateful to have her as my doctor.