Dr. Poliak is the best doctor ever!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Martin Poliak, MD

My husband and I are patients of Dr. Martin Poliak and we both think that he is the best doctor ever, hands down! He always takes the time to explain the results of our physicals in detail and makes sure that we have no questions left unasked. He is always easy to contact and is very responsive. That is extremely important when you have a health issue arise unexpectedly and need to see a physician right away. We are always able to be seen within a day or so of when we call. This is medicine like most of us older people remember when we were kids. Your doctor really knows you, and your medical history and is just a call away. Dr. Poliak gives his patients great care and peace of mind. We travel often, and at least more than once, we’ve left home without our prescription medications. Dr. Poliak’s nurse and office staff are always on hand to help make sure that no matter where we are in the world, we have access to whatever we need! We are REALLY hoping that Dr. Poliak never retires and that his office staff and nurses never quit! You guys are great!