Dr. Posey is AMAZING!

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| April, 1 2020 | for Michael E. Posey, MD

After I was diagnosed with Lyme, I went on the search for a new PCP. My original PCP (who ended moving out of the state), would only spend six minutes with me during each of my many visits - he would literally start backing towards the door to leave while I was still talking. Knowing that I needed more time, as well as a doctor who really cared and was up to date on new testing and treatment options (including supplements and herbs), my fiancee recommended MDVIP. I joined MDVIP 2 years ago this month. The care that Dr. Posey and his nurse Shirley, have provided has been nothing short of amazing! Dr. Posey has taken the time to learn more about Lyme, and has worked hard to help me recover. With his help, I was able to return to work 18 months after my tick bite (something that is not common with chronic Lyme patients). I was so impressed with the care that I received, that I signed my fiancee up with him as well - as expected, Dr. Posey has played an integral part in her health journey from work up to diagnosis. He has been willing to order tests and find answers that multiple specialists overlooked...he never gives up! Dr. Posey has gone above and beyond what a traditional provider would have (or has ever) done for both of us. MDVIP was the best medicine that I have ever found - it's worth every penny!