Dr. Radcliffe is beyond phenomenal!

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| March, 3 2020 | for Ann H. Radcliffe, MD

Dr. Radcliffe has saved my life over and over again. I had not been her patient for long when my husband died unexpectedly, while we were riding bikes in France. I had been home from the airport for about 20 minutes when the phone rang. It was Dr. Radcliffe, telling me that she was prescribing me some medicine to help me shepherd my seven children through this tragic event, while putting one foot in front of the other myself. I was her brand new patient at that point. That was almost ten years ago. Through the years, I have had all kind of issues. One time, I remember calling her from Washington, D.C. because my blood pressure had gone through the roof. When I called her in a panic, she was on a bicycle on Nantucket, but she managed to get me taken care of. She is truly proactive in keeping her patients healthy! Dr. Radcliffe is, quite frankly, the BEST!