Dr Rechter is the Best!!!

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| June, 11 2020 | for Lesley Rechter, MD

I have been a patient of Dr Rechter for over 5 years She also sees.my daughter as well Dr Rechter is one of the most caring and concerned doctors I have ever known. While in her care I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She called me several times to see how I was doing She took the time to speak with my daughter who was having anxiety over my diagnosis. She always returns a call within 5 minutes and is always helpful. I was suffering with severe dry mouth which was giving me trouble eating and swallowing I went to several specialists and was told that I had burning mouth syndrome and to put Vaseline on my lips. This went on for several months my neurologist wanted me to see a specialist to see if I had shoguns syndrome. I called dr Rechter who said that she could do the bloodwork for this and that there was no need to go to the city unless the test was positive she took me in the very next day for the bloodwork She saw how dry my mouth was and how I had not gotten any relief from any of the creams that were prescribed. While I was there she tested my blood for vitamin deficiencies She called me when the results came in. No sjogrons syndrome was detected but several vitamins were deficient vitamin D, b12, zinc, follic acid were all very low. She told me which vitamins I should take and the dosages I started all of the vitamins but still had the terrible dry mouth with cracks on both sides off my mouth By this time I had tried over 10 products from creams to mouth wash to losengers. I called to make my physical appointment with dr Rechter. She actually asked me over the phone how my mouth was. I told her I was still suffering terribly. She said when I came in she was going to swab my whole mouth to see if I had some kind of bacterial infection or a thrush infection. I went to her office and she was so caring and really wanted me to feel better. She also noted that my blood pressure was so low. It was 80/50 and I was very dizzy. Dr Rechter called my heart dr and she told him about my low blood pressure and dizziness. She prescribed mitiodrine for. me to take 3x per day. Dr Rechter found out that I had a severe thrush infection in my mouth lips and throat. She prescribed nyastatin swish and swallow and nyastatim . cream for my lips as well as an antibacterial cream to mix with it. Well within 4-5 days my mouth was nearly back to normal no burning tongue no cuts on my lips. The blood pressure medication.has also worked wonderfully I no longer feel dizzy all day and I have more energy as well. Dr Rechter was the only doctor who listened to me and did something to help me. Not one of the specialists I went to even thought of swabbing my mouth They also knew that my blood pressure was so low and recommended nothing to help me. I bless dr Rechter and thank her with all of my heart for helping me to feel human again! She is one of a kind. Her staff is wonderful too I hope she will be in practice for a long time because there is no one like her. Thank you Dr Rechter. You are a very special person and deserve to Be recognized for all you do!!!!