Dr. Riesett - if you designed a doctor he would be the result.

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| January, 21 2021 | for Randal P. Riesett, MD

As a general practitioner you don’t expect miracle cures. You want someone to look carefully and comprehensively at you, know what they are looking at, and listen to what you have to say. Then explain what they see and what you need. That’s the basic package for any doctor, right? What sets Dr. Riesett apart is the unmistakable sense that he’s on your side, he is committed to helping you when you need help, and he finds the right special care if that’s needed. You rarely get the feeling he’s rushing you out the door to get to the next “transaction”. He knows his stuff but he doesn’t make you don’t feel guilty for “taking up the great man’s time”. He just a pleasure in every way. We are grateful to have him as our doctor!