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| March, 10 2020 | for Robert A. Wacks, MD

"Dr Whacks is my VIP doctor for about two years. I am a 63 year old active male with lifetime of gyms, machine Pilates and hot yoga as well hiking and biking etc. Right from the get go at our initial visit he discovered what previous doctors, of several years didn't, that my blood hemoglobin was too high (17+) and prescribed donating blood every two weeks to get the elevated blood count down (15) which in turn lower my blood pressure and I absolutely felt like a new person less sluggish etc. The other outstanding diagnosis and with high praises was the most debilitating pain I have ever experienced in my lifetime.
Dr Whacks through interviewing me about my pain symptoms and visual examination of symptomatic areas diagnosed me for "non rash" shingles due to his experience over the years with other fortunate patients to be under his care that had same "non rash" symptoms. He prescribed me the medicine and by the third day of taking medicine I was pain free and able to stop sleeping sitting upright in a chair and able to lie down. Major Kudos to my "forever" doctor, Robert Whacks MD.