Dr. Royston - Rural Royalty!

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| February, 12 2024 | for Norris Royston Jr., MD

Dr. Norris Royston at Countryside Family Practice has been my doctor for about three decades! Hard to believe. He’s always been thorough, knowledgeable and competent, but, once, on the heels of losing my dad unexpectedly, tragically, followed by my mom’s open heart surgery a week later, nursing my 12-year-old son’s newly broken arm, and losing a job I loved, Dr. Royston just listened. Really listened. I’d requested an appointment to ask him for a mild sedative to “take the edge off”, but he listened attentively, compassionately, without rushing me. My health was failing due to the stressful events in my life at that time, but he sensed that I just needed an ear. A compassionate ear. I left his office with a prescription for a mild sedative to relieve my anxiety, but I never needed it after my office visit. I didn’t take even one; I didn’t need to. He was (and IS) remarkably intuitive.

Most recently, I visited his office to get his advice regarding what I thought might be tendinitis in my right wrist. I was feeling poorly in general, but had chalked that up to a combination of bad weather and my arthritis, something to which I’ve become accustomed. Dr. Royston took one look at me, and said “I’m testing you for Covid!” Having been fully vaccinated and avoiding the illness for 3 years, I protested, but he was right, yet again!!

Marshall and our greater regional community is incredibly lucky to have Dr. Royston and his noted expertise available to all of us.

I couldn’t be more grateful to call him my doctor!