Dr Rozner has been that physician for me.

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| March, 16 2018 | for Robert D. Rozner, MD
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What we all want is a doctor that will listen to the whole story when we are not well. They need to be the investigator to find out the root cause. Dr Rozner has been that physician for me. I can tell he is on top of the latest thoughts and practices and I trust that if something is not his area he would find me the best doctor to answer questions. Before finding Dr Rozner I was going through an illness that doctors in another large group merely spent a few minutes on and told me it was nothing. Dr Rozner listened to me and in 5 minutes said, I think you have a thyroid problem. He spent a lot of time listening to everything. After immediate blood work, which no other doctor had even ordered, Dr Rozner found that I indeed had a thyroid problem and treated me with success. I trust that he will guide me through whatever comes next as is inevitable as I age. Thank you, Dr Rozner!