Dr. Rozner is on my side

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| April, 3 2024 | for Robert D. Rozner, MD

Dr. Robert Rozner has been our primary doctor for over 25 years. He and has been approachable for friendly from day 1 . His guidance and recommendations have allowed me to live a full a well informed life. At the beginning of Covid-19 (2020) he recommended getting a measles, mumps, and rubella shot because studies suggested better resistance to Covid-19. He explained the insurance wouldn't cover the cost. We took his advice and even though we continued to travel ( with precautions) we never caught Covid-19. That's what doctors are suppose to do with their patients and I'm very grateful our paths have crossed.

A couple of times during our travels I forgot to pack 1 of my diabetes medicine and having Dr. Rozner's direct cell phone we called and when we got to our destination my medicine was waiting for me.