Dr. Sager - A skilled and caring doctor

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| March, 17 2020 | for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Dr. Sager is the kind of doctor everyone wants. He cares about his patients health, and takes the time needed to ensure he has all the information needed to make a sound diagnosis. Several times I have had issues arise off-hours, and have had to text him directly. He alway responded within minutes, carefully analyzed ehat was happening, and provided solutions to the problem. During office visits, it is apparant fhat he had spent time reviewing my information and determining the best alternatives and approaches for treatment. When discussing these approaches, he provides the benefits as well as the possible cons.
Dr. Sager also proactively calls me if new information comes out about a medicine I am taking, or treatment I am following.
I highly recommend Dr. Sager to anyone looking for an excellent diagnostician, caring listener, and responsive professional.