Dr Schaeffer is awesome!

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| February, 13 2024 | for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD
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My husband and I have been patients of Dr Schaeffer for over 30 years! We adore him. He has always been right on when
diagnosing our medical problems and has a wonderful bedside manner to boot. Years ago we were down the Keys when I had
severe nausea and ended up in the ER. The doctor told me to go home and let the doctors up North evaluate me because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me! We thought the worst. We called Dr Schaeffer from the road and explained our situation. He asked me a few questions, told us to calm down and not to worry and he had a gallbladder test schedule for us the next day. Bingo…bad gallbladder!
We were in Africa a few years ago when I came down with Malaria. We were in constant communication with Dr Schaeffer until we got back to the States. Dr Schaeffer reached out to the ID community and had an appointment set up for me when we landed to be seen by a doctor that had a lot of working knowledge with Malaria… doesn’t get any better than that!
From my husband’s diaphragmatic paralysis to his kidney lesion…..we always feel like we are in good hands with Dr. Schaeffer steering our ship!
He is not only our doctor but our friend and has been a big wonderful part of our lives. We are very blessed to have him!