Dr. Scott Hoffman to the Rescue!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

I have experienced 75 years of wonderful health that came to a halt about one year ago with spinal stenosis and nerve compression in my lower back. I was in serious pain and discomfort for 4 months until I had surgery...and all improved. But then other health issues started to occur - it was like whack-a-mole! Throughout all of those challenges, Dr. Hoffman was helpful and responsive. But I want to particularly note how he has supported me through my most recent problem. My hands and feet began to swell - so much so I could no longer wear my own shoes or close my hands. Dr. Hoffman felt I was experiencing some type of auto-immune disorder. Because Dr. Hoffman is not a rheumatologist he could not be certain of that diagnosis. However, getting an appointment with a rheumatologist is difficult as there are not enough of them. So rather than just have me wait for an appointment, Dr. Hoffman ran a series of blood tests to rule things in and out and get the process started. He then sent my blood results to four different rheumatologists in the Raleigh area asking that I be seen. I actually did hear back from all of them - with appointments that ranged from 6 weeks to 4 months into the future. Before I can be seen by a rheumatologist, Dr. Hoffman has placed me on a Prednisone regimen to bring down inflammation so I can function. I am so appreciative for how Dr. Hoffman has stayed by my side throughout this challenging time, giving me hope and confidence in the process that things will improve. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hoffman and his team for their help and support!