Dr Shari Rosenbaum is wonderful!

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Susan and Norm
| March, 30 2020 | for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

Dr Rosenbaum is wonderful, caring and compassionate. She listens, offers advice and is always in the medical forefront in her knowledge. We have had some health issues and Dr Rosenbaum investigated every single avenue to make sure that we did not overlook anything. This approach put us at ease because we knew that she was thorough and would not give up until she got to the bottom of what was wrong. Dr. Rosenbaum's staff exhibits the same caring, knowledgeable attitude as Dr Rosenbaum reflecting what an outstanding individual she is and the leadership she exhibits. With the event of the coronavirus, Dr Rosenbaum was extremely proactive in setting up procedures to protect her patients and minister to their needs in a safe and secure fashion. Norm has had extensive relationships with many physicians over the years as CEO (now-retired) of Medical Economics and feels that Dr Rosenbaum is a truly outstanding physician and one of the best he has encountered over his many professional years. We are both truly grateful for her help and assistance and are thankful to be her patients. Thank you Dr. Rosenbaum!