Dr Steven Gerber - one of a kind

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| March, 11 2020 | for Steven L. Gerber, MD

I am a health professional myself, so needed a doctor that was going to respect my knowledge and at the same time direct me per his medical expertise.
Dr Gerber is always available and in tune with the latest medical guidance. He encourages gently but when needed more forcibly. This is a sign of a good teacher as well as physician.
Practicality and common sense is one of Dr. Gerber's strong points. He continues to guide me in the direction I need to go with my medical care.
I recently moved an hour away and we are working with this distance with plans for care closer to Dr. Gerber if necessary.
With the Corona Virus hovering over us all we need to rely on educated medical guidance. This is what you get with this MDVIP practice.
Thank You Dr. Gerber