Dr Suzanne Lasek-Nesselquist saved my husband’s life.

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| January, 23 2024 | for Suzanne Lasek-Nesselquist, MD

I had been bugging my husband about getting a cardiac work up for quite some time. His family history was not good. His father had a quadruple by-pass and replacement of a heart valve. His sister had A-fib. I told him to please share this information with Dr Lasek. He finally did and that coupled with his bloodwork that she had gotten back she told him she wanted to send him to the cardiologist for a full workup.
She recommended the perfect Dr for him and after seeing him he scheduled all the testing. Tests showed blockages but not where they were. He was then scheduled for a heart catheterization and they found an 80% blockage in his LAD along with some smaller ones. They stented the larger blockage. He had no symptoms and probably would not have survived a heart attack. When the cardiologist came out to tell me what they found he said “Dr Lasek saved his life”. I thought that immediately upon hearing the news - she was the difference maker.
Bill had a follow up with Dr. Lasek - she impressed upon him a need for lifestyle change along with the medications the cardiologist would have him on for a while.
He has made those changes and she is holding him accountable which I appreciate more than she knows.
I also see Dr. Lasek and she is the best Dr I have ever seen in my 65 years. She is caring and knowledgeable about you as a patient. She is also well informed and up to date on everything you ask her. She is just an amazing Dr.