Dr. Ted Miller Helped Save My Life !

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| March, 10 2020 | for Ted J. Miller, MD

On April 2, 2019 I had a doctor visit with Dr. Miller to follow up on my recovery from Diverticulitis. I still wasn't feeling really well after contacting this illness, so Dr. Miller was scheduling regular follow up visits...Two weeks before my visit on April 2nd I caught a flu bug and which now had developed into what we discovered septic shock through out that crazy day. Dr. Miller ran a few test during our visit and was concerned enough to send me to the emergency hospital in Hendersonville, TN. By the time I got checked in at the emergency room they discovered that my kidney's had shut down and other organs were in jeopardy. The good news, blessing of course, is that I fully recovered from this illness and in way better shape then I was on that day in April. I believe if it wasn't for the great care I received from Dr. Miller that I may not be here writing this testimonial about a man who cares so much about his patients and is incredibly knowledge about all medical aspects of healthcare...Thank You Dr. Miller !