Dr Wacks is the most caring doctor!

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| March, 8 2018 | for Israel L. Wacks, MD

Dr. Wacks is very through with his exams and ordering necessary tests.
He is compassionate and always asks about family. There is no waiting time. Hes always on time and schedules plenty of time for questions.
Beverly is also very helpful with information we need.
Dr Wacks saved my husbands life by having team of Drs ready in ER at Jupiter Medical Center.
We live in a small town 2 hours from Jupiter.
After 10 days in our local hospital with serious infection and 3 Drs saying he needed surgery, but his primary Dr said no, primary Dr discharged my husband at 9:00 p.m. to be outpatient for more antibiotic Ivs.
He was so sick. Our daughter arranged with Dr Wacks to meet us in ER the next morning.
He arranged surgery for next day!
Dr Wacks is the most caring doctor!