Dr Wacks was highly recommended.

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| March, 29 2020 | for Israel L. Wacks, MD

When my wife and I moved to the Jupiter area I had no doctor so I asked then-neighbor Ron Baker, a local hospital administrator, if he could tell me who he thought was the best internist in our area. His opinion was that Isreal Wacks was the best. I was slow to make a contact with Dr. Wacks office, but when I did I discovered he had become affiliated with MDVIP and was no longer in private practice. This turned out to be a bonus because not only was he still available, but even more so in a way: he took a limited number of patients who therefor had better access to his practice.

A good thing it was that I joined up. I now have a serious diagnosis and multiple concomitant problems that takes me in and out of the hospital on a too-regular basis. The only bright spot in that whole mess is that Dr. Wacks is always there to pull me through, one issue at a time, and there were many times. Thanks Dr. Wacks!