Dr Walton-Fain

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| February, 12 2024 | for Jennifer Walden-Fain, MD
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Before I joined MDVIP I rarely visited a doctor. In fact I saw my doctor so infrequently I had to sign in as a new patient each time I needed care. I took no medicine and thought I was the epitome of good health. I attributed my shortness of breath , lack of energy, and stamina to old age. Once I became a patient of Dr Walden-Fain she recognized my symptoms as something more than advanced years. She sent me to see the best cardiologist in the Louisville area who quickly diagnosed my heart trouble. I needed heart bypass surgery and I needed it soon. That surgery changed my life. I was able to resume the active lifestyle I had enjoyed in my younger years . I wasn’t as old as I thought. Dr Walden-Fain set me on the path that saved my life. I can’t imagine having better care than I have received while a member of MDVIP and a patient of Dr Walden-Fain.