The Dr who finally listened!

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| January, 25 2024 | for AJ Ronan, DO

I have been a patient for 20 years with dr Ronan. There have been so many moments that have been life changing for me because Dr Ronan really listens and takes time to address each concern I have always had. The first time seeing him I was suffering wide spread pain and depression drs before seeing him said it’s in your head the widespread pain is not real. I heard this multiple times and I was also suffering from fatigue. When I first saw him and after talking and explaining all these weird symptoms he said to me I think you have fibromyalgia and he sent me to a specialist and I was actually diagnosed with it and the arthritis dr told me a lot of drs dismiss this because they don’t believe it’s a real disease. This was 20 years ago! I felt so relieved It wasn’t just in my head and all those drs dismissed me and didn’t care! Dr Ronan cared and he still cares about how I’m doing. There have been so many issues I’ve had with my body specially now that I’m older and he still listens and takes me serious and always gets me referred to specialist if I need it! This is why I’ve been with him for 20 years! Too many drs have a 10 minute slot for a patient and you can only talk about maybe one concern at that appt. Not dr Ronan he will spend as much time as I need to answer all my concerns, and he is always smiling and when I leave his office I always feel my concerns are met and I’m smiling! The best Dr ever!