Dr. Zekser is the best

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| February, 16 2022 | for David Zekser, MD

I have had many doctors during my life, but I have never had a doctor as caring, as knowledgeable, as empathetic as Dr. David Zekser. I never felt that he had one foot out the door as I have with so many doctors. He takes all the time I need and is always patient, understanding, and, most of all, interested. I am lucky that I am pretty healthy, but he outlined a regimen to keep me healthy. I was his patient when he practiced in Fort Lauderdale. When he told me he was opening an MDVIP practice in Boca Raton, I didn't think twice about following him. It wouldn;t surprise me to learn that many of his patients followed him to Boca Raton. He is THAT good.