DrBraden is the most kind,caring and compassionate human

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| March, 1 2018 | for Albert H. Braden III, MD

My husband and I have known Doctor Braden for many years and thru this time he has never failed to be the kindnest most caring human being. He stood by my side as I watched my dear husband go from strong vital man to slowly slipping away. Dr Braden never failed to answer my calls when I did not know what to do
no matter if he was in office,on vacation, at home or on his way to wedding
Since the death of my dear husband Dr Braden has always continued to provide care for myself with the same commitment .
Recently I had an accident and fractured my hip on a hiking trip, when I went to ER in city 2 hours away from Houston on a Sunday Afternoon, Dr Braden was my first call when I was told I would need surgery to repair my hip. Once again he answered my call on his way to mass and helped me get transferred to Hospital in Houston where my hip replacement was done the next day .
I could go on forever, however, enough said. I believe Dr Albert BradenIII is truly a man of great character and compassion. He is not only my physician but my friend
I must also include his amazin assistant Ruby, she like DrBraden is the most kind,caring and compassionate human and such a delight to visit
Thank you for this opportunity
Linda W.