At the end of my rope

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| January, 20 2024 | for Mark F. Pinsky, DO
Image provided by: Marci

It was 2020 and I had a double whammy handed to me…major thyroid issues and melanoma. Trying to navigate the healthcare system to get the care I needed was eye-opening. That’s when I realized there are major differences between doctors and their knowledge, skills and abilities. I was tired and discouraged. I reached out to Dr. Pinsky. Within a week I had appointments with the right doctors. I’m not sure he knows how much his help meant to me at that time in my life and subsequent times thereafter. I was at the end of my rope and he reached down and pulled me up and gave me hope and health! Thank you Dr. Pinsky for who you are! You mean so much to so many people!! P.S. Don’t ever retire please:-)