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Goldie T
| March, 17 2020 | for Gregg M. Koval, MD

We were on an overseas land trip and then went on to a Greek Island cruise ship. My husband, Lou, wasn't feeling well and his resting heart rate, per his watch, was above 100. I texted Dr. Koval and he responded immediately that we should get to ship's doctor because of Lou's heart issues. We did, and the ship doctor wanted to know the precise heart history. Dr. Koval stayed on the phone with the ship doc, answering questions and explained everything, and even emailed the records to the ships doctor. After checking everything, we were glad to find that it wasn't a heart problem (which by the way Dr. Koval's thorough exam had led to bypass surgery 2 years earlier) but dehydration and exhaustion. His patience and explanation and monitoring was calming and reassuring, even from a great distance.