Evidence Based Practice Provider for mother/daughter

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| March, 11 2020 | for Mythe Laramie, MD

Several years ago, Doctor Laramie’s was my PCP, unfortunately due to a job change, I was unable to follow him to MDVIP but I never forgot that my visits with him were always very personable, never rushed or hurried and filled with health information that I could understand and realistically use after each visit.

In July 2019 my mom came to live with me. She’s is w/c dependent, obese with multiple Co-morbidities.

I needed this caliber of provider for my mom. He has excellent bedside manner, very honest, open and direct, and responds to her holistic needs.

In September, he recommended Bariatric surgery for her... now 6 months later we are awaiting Medicare approval to get it scheduled but since this journey began, my mother refers to Dr M. Laramie as, “her angel”.

I appreciate that he researches and demonstrates a relevant, and up-to-date approach to his care delivery. I continue to be confident in his advice.