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| March, 12 2020 | for Greg Ciliberti, MD

Dr Greg had been our internist for over 20 years. We always thought him the very best our city has to offer in medical care. When he made the decision to go to MD VIP, we decided we could not afford to continue with his service and saw another physician. It was definitely not a good decision and we returned to his care less than two years after departing. He has since come to my husband's aid in an emergency, diagnosing a critical heart problem. I am a retired RN, but when someone you love is in critical condition it is difficult at best to be rational. Dr Greg called me to catch up on my husband's condition and was beyond helpful both in his calm manner and his rational explanations. I remain indebted to him for getting my husband to the ER and for staying by my side via phone when I needed his calm voice.