An Exemplary Physician

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| March, 12 2020 | for Francis Mueller, MD

Dr. Francis Mueller (Dr. Frank) is a par excellence physician, who searches for the cause and makes recommendations accordingly. He especially responds promptly!

I have Afib, which can be very scary. When I have an Afib attack, Dr. Frank maintains contact with me during the duration of the attack during which he makes precise recommendations. His attention is very calming and significantly reduces my stress.

It is a pleasure dealing with Dr. Frank in all aspects of my MDVIP experience. He is very dedicated to taking care of his patients in his analytical manner, especially relating to symptoms and lab work with attendant treatment modalities. He takes copious notes and follows up on them from visit to visit.

I especially enjoy his steller holistic approach. My stystemic inflammation is now decreased to 0.3 (hsCRP) and my carotid test now reflects a 62 age even though I am 79. I follow his recommendations closely with respect to vitamens. He is an exemplary physician to whom I owe my vigorous health at my age.