Exemplary treatment from Dr Sal Ciliberti

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| January, 18 2024 | for Salvatore A. Ciliberti, MD

In a moment of anxiety, I awoke to the unsettling sensation of a numb forehead, immediately fearing the worst – a stroke. Dr. Sal Ciliberti, my esteemed internist, demonstrated an unparalleled level of commitment and expertise in this critical situation. Without hesitation, he promptly scheduled a CT scan for me on the very same day, showcasing an exceptional dedication to addressing my concerns promptly. The results of the CT scan, thankfully, revealed no signs of a stroke or cerebral masses, easing my initial worries. Dr. Sal's meticulous approach to ruling out potential serious conditions showcased not only his medical proficiency but also his compassionate bedside manner, providing reassurance during a vulnerable moment. Dr. Ciliberti's diagnostic acumen did not stop there. With a keen understanding of my symptoms, he astutely identified the true culprit: shingles. Swiftly initiating a treatment plan without delay, he exemplified a commitment to proactive healthcare. The immediacy of the treatment, administered soon after the onset of symptoms, proved instrumental in preventing the progression of the shingles disease. As a result of Dr. Sal's timely intervention, I was spared the anguish and discomfort associated with the painful course of shingles. His decisive actions and comprehensive care not only averted potential complications but also highlighted his dedication to the well-being of his patients. In expressing my profound gratitude to Dr. Sal Ciliberti, I extend heartfelt thanks for his exemplary medical care, rapid response, and unwavering commitment to ensuring my health and peace of mind. His professionalism, coupled with genuine empathy, sets a standard of excellence in the realm of healthcare. Thank you, Dr. Sal, for being an outstanding healthcare provider and a beacon of reassurance in moments of uncertainty.